New Year’s 2012 Pictures

Pictures from our new year’s party welcoming 2012.

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VIDEO: Elaina Laughing at monkey puppet!

Elaina was laughing hysterically at a monkey puppet. See the video here

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Nine Month Pictures

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Elaina’s Six Month Pictures!

I know it has been a while since I put any updates on here, but better late than never :). Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from Elaina’s Six Month photos. You can see the rest by clicking on this link.

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Chillin Out

We went to Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville today with a couple of our friends with dogs. They have a dog beach where you can go swim with your dog, grill out, and enjoy the day. It was a little mushy (swampy), but fun. It was a little disappointing watching the non-dog owners at the clean, well groomed beach, while we (and our furry friends) were swimming in the muck- but overall, it was great.

Lindsay and I didn’t get around to taking any pictures at the park; however, we came across Elaina’s sunglasses and she just had to try them on :):


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New Elaina Pics in the Gallery

Hello everyone!

Well, I have finally been able to sit (for more than one minute), in front of my new computer. I managed it while everyone else is asleep.

Here are some more pictures, but you can find much more in our gallery (organized as best I could):


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Awesome Gift for Daddy

Thanks Karen, Patti, and Pamela!!


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Picture blog entry

Well, I attempted to post some more pictures yesterday, but the gallery site (where you can see ALL Kaufman family pictures that are available), was not cooperating with me.

I finally got everything working and have uploaded all the Elaina pictures I have.  Here are a few (click on “Picture Gallery” to see all of them).

Elaina’s Birthday Suit

Moving out of the delivery room to the post-partum rooms:

All snuggly on the last day in hospital:

The perfect picture for a Meriter Birthing Center (which was great by the way):

There’s the smile:

Elaina and “the world’s best dad” (can’t wait to get my shirt and mug):

The new improved family – packed and ready to go home:

Homecoming – Nika meets Elaina:

Homecoming – Tiger meets Elaina:


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First things first – Lindsay is doing well.

Lindsay certainly has a knack for bringing all the on duty staff into whatever room we are in.   She woke up at 4:00am, feeling light headed, and the bed was soaked with blood.

The nurses came in first to get things started, start giving her fluids and assess the situation, then the on call OBs were called, and who knows how many more came in.

After the initial scare, and more pain that childbirth (Lindsay’s words, not mine).   All I can say is that Lindsay didn’t make a peep during labor, but was not as quiet during the almost 1 hour rush to figure out what was wrong and treat what ended up being a giant blood clot – keeping her uterus from “clamping down”.

All is good now and Lindsay is feeding Elaina, although she has a difficult time keeping her eyes open.

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Introducing Elaina June Kaufman

Well, our new bundle of joy (and sleepiness), now has a name.  We chose Elaina June Kaufman.  

I guess, making this announcement pretty much makes it final unless we want to deal with a lot more questions than are already expected.

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